This section of our department is mainly concerned with fanfiction centering around FujiHana and its components, a definition that also encompasses poetry and other literary forms. We more than welcome contributions, so if you have a suitably themed work of FujiHana, please contribute!

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All the Right Words  new!
Fujima's not about to lose Hanagata, not to a freak car accident, not to anything...even if he can't say the right words.

Delphi Despoiled
Songfic | Lemon | NC-17
Explicit sex. Introspections upon love, lust, and power, in the midst of brutal intercourse. Alternating perspectives, starting from Hanagata.

Don't Go Away...
Songfic | POV | PG-13
In response to Blue-san’s songfic challenge. Fujima reflects on his relationship with Hanagata as he waits for his Harvard University-bound plane to take off.

Hakanaki Hibi To...
Alternate Future | R
[The fic, the legend. XD] Years down the road, Fujima, now a business magnate, is found dead, and Hanagata is the greatest suspect. The interrogation penetrates the very psyche of their relationship, yet justice remains blind. Nevertheless, Hanagata's fate is one he will allow no one else to decide...


Deus Misereatur  new!
Alternate Universe | R | Finished
. 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . 5 .
Explicit sex in Chapter 4. A tragic, sensual tale of a growing forbidden romance between a vampire and a priest. Comissioned by Mae [Hikou].

Alternate Universe | R | Ongoing
. 1 .
A Japanese bastard in the ranks of the Italian castrato, he believes that an aberration such as he can never be allowed to love another - until a musical engagement brings him into the life of a stunning young Japanese-Italian noble to start a romance that can never be.

Switchblade Senritsu
Alternate Universe | R | Ongoing
Other pairings : SenKosh | MitKo [in later chapters]

Trembling Shin Seiki Arc
. Overture . 1 .
In response to Ye^llow-san’s challenge involving a rockstar and a violinist. Misére Bénie is the rising star in the J-rock industry. Having cinched Tokyo Dome for Christmas, their current task is to create a stunning new song - for which they engage a violinist from the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra. A diorama of love, lust, and control soon plays itself out against the gritty backdrop of the J-rock scene.


You came, a shining angel...
A sonnet. Seriously. Hanagata’s unspoken feelings for a certain team captain, on the premise that they are not yet in a relationship. From Hanagata’s POV.

Ah, so naive I was...
Another sonnet. ^^;; Hanagata's POV, feelings after the Shoyo defeat to Shohoku.

Mae [Hikou]


Tori  new!
Hanagata just can't figure what is it about Fujima's new bird that mesmerises him so...



The Bold and the Bulletproof
Humour | Alternate Universe | PG-13 | Ongoing
Other pairings : MitKo | RuKo [in later chapters]

. 1 . 2 . 3 .
Fujima, Kenji is the best private-eye money can hire. So, when the Shohoku Streetsters kidnap the heir of the Shoyo Society, Fujima is the one on the case. A campy detective/mafia spoof that, nevertheless, has plot. Kinda. Perhaps.

Contributions [Arigatou, minna!]


Whatever  new!
by Annie D
Djinn nearly died then and there when she unearthed this little gem from ff.net. Full of fun, witty goodness. XD In the words of the author herself - 'Shounen ai, Fujima/Hanagata. Kiss kiss.' It's that good.

To be Worthy
by Chibi Chiriko
Us here at the institute would really like to thank Chibi Chiriko-san for bringing one of the best [and only] FujiHana fics anywhere! Some personal time in training after the Shohoku match bring to light facets of their characters...as well as carefully hidden feelings.

Of Pain and Violence
by Tchan
And here, tchan-san shows us that a banged-up Hanagata is the best kind of Hangata one should write about! XD After a night of mild BDSM with his captain, Hanagata reflects on his submission and his feelings.

Sex, Lies and Videotape
by Rumiko Nadajima [a.k.a. Bez]
Humour | R
A sequel to 'Love is in the Air', more amazing sex trysts abound in this rampant follow-up.

Love is in the Air
by Rumiko Nadajima [a.k.a. Bez]
Humour | R
One of our very own seishis contribute to the meagre pool of fics involving FujiHana! Thank you, Bez-san! A Valentine's Day special, the Slam Dunk boys have sex in the strangest places...

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