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Irasshaimase, minna! Convolvulaceae | Institute of FujiHana is completely back with a spanking new layout, and ready to roll! So what's happened since last year? While I was in the middle of my A'levels [finals/university entrance exams] last November, my mother suddenly and unexpectedly passed away from viral leukemia. It was a huge blow, but I somehow managed to sit for my four remaining papers anyway. I spent the next few months taking care of things at home, unsure and desolate, and worried about my A'level results, as I had no idea how I would do. My results finally came out on the 6th of March this year, and I ended up with straight As. Free of the overhanging shadow of potential bad grades, I turned to tackling the renovation of this site with a vengeance, and now it's done. Yoroshiku na.

The changes made to this site :
- Complete overhaul of site layout. Renovation 100% complete.
- Complete recoding of site by hand. No longer MSWord dependent.
- Minor updates to Background, Seito updates.
- Multimedia Archive now fully functional
- Fanfiction additions - 'All the Right Words' + 'Deus Misereatur 1-5' [Djinn], 'Tori' [Mae], 'Whatever' [Annie D-san]
- Visual Portfolio coding overhaul
- Fanart additions - Djinn : 4 finished, 2 rakugaki, 1 animated, Mae : 1 rakugaki, Chibi Angel-san : 3 contributions, Jaayx-san : 1 contribution
- Awards section added in Unclassified + Award from SDRC2002 added
- New banner + button in Related Departments, links cleanup

Hope everything's alright. ^^ Please do inform me if there are any errors in the site. Arigatou na! Thank you, all of you who have continued to support this site in the prious period of inactivity. We really appreciate it, and hope to serve you better in the future. ^_^



BIG TROUBLE. Well, I'd actually been slowly working on an update, but seeing as my A'levels [read: big important exams that will decide my future] are coming, I can't move much. Unfortunately, 6 months came and went and Brinkster deleted my account in the meantime. The problem would be that, other than that most of you happily linked to '' instead of '' like I told you to, and will probably thus never be able to find the page again, the update was only half done, and so the NEW LINKS ARE MOSTLY NON-OPERATIONAL YET. Rest assured though, that the entire site will be [probably revamped as well] operational, updated, and on a reliable webhost by the end of the year [read: after those exams]. Yes. This is just an EMERGENCY UPLOAD. Thank you very much!


Most of the site was actually done in Februrary. Then a lot of crappy things happened. So now it's March, and the site I've been killing myself over is finally up. The index page [among other things], however, is kind of outdated, and it always scared me anyway, but I don't have the time to change it. I'm exhausted and I don't really know what's the point of me typing.

Either way, this is the first ever FujiHana site on the web. I could weep with joy, really, but I'll just hereby proclaim my undying love and devotion to FujiHana. Cheers.

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