Well, basically where everything that doesn’t fit anywhere goes. Things like top 10 lists, rants, memoirs, etc, and all kinds of whacked-out paraphernalia displaying our love for FujiHana, etc, will go. You could call this the miscellaneous section. ^.^;; Nevertheless, we still welcome submissions, so if you have something suitably themed, please contribute!

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Graphic-based Items

Hanagata Fanart Badge
There were these badge people [most of whom seemed not to know what they were doing...] at the otherwise disappointing Book Fair 2002, and Hikou somehow persuaded Djinn to get a couple of her pictures badged. This one didn't turn out well because of some bad photography, but we still wear it as a badge of honour, all the same. ^.^;;

Shoyo T-shirt
Hikou's, to be precise. She was one the brink of getting a Card Captor Sakura Shadow Battle Outfit [in honour of her previous cosplay] when Djinn saw a Slam Dunk shirt. After some last minute searching [wherein our parents thought we were crazy], we procured this. The edges are rubbing off though, so she doesn't wear it too often.

Gakusha Tattoo
Kind of. Djinn spent the whole day being forced into slave labour – painting temporary ‘tattoos’ on difficult customers asking for things like dragons and MashiMaro... The only thing she eventually did for herself is this. [It says ‘FujiHana no Gakusha’. ^.^] Scanning was a pain. It’s squished.

Text-based Items

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SDRC 2002

I never thought we'd have to open an 'Awards' section, but along came the happy lovable folks at the Slam Dunk Realm Contest and - voila! Unbelievable ya! It was totally unexpected, but very heartening. ^^ This goes out to all you wonderful folks who acknowledge and/or support this site despite the eccentric pairing. We could never have done it without you. ^_^

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