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SD-Related Links

Slam Dunk Babble Club

The unofficial offical forum for Slam Dunk yaoi fans, where most of the best and brightest minds of SD fandom can be found. Most SD fics/pics are first baptised here.

Better known as The Miko and Seishi Realm, where all mikos and seishi recognised in the SDBC are registered. A great resource.

A yearly well-organised competition awarding various Slam Dunk sites in various categories. 2003 nominations currently proceeding.

A site aiming to be the definitive Slam Dunk fan-organised database.

The recognised Slam Dunk fanlisting site. [Also has some really adorable sprite adoptions, etc. ^^]

Inoue Takehiko on the Web

Inoue Takehiko’s - creator of Slam Dunk - official site on the web, sponsored by I.T. Planning. Inc.

Slam Dunk2 Realization Comittee

[Japanese] Other than the obvious mission statement. ^.^;; This site has a comprehensive character bio database for just about every semi-important character in Slam Dunk.

A Slam Dunk site with much content, and also the location of the incredible Slam Dunk Dictionary, hosting the opinions of just about hundreds by now about various facets of Slam Dunk.

Other Links

Djinn and Mae[Hikou]’s site collective, the coalition of fanfic/art and a gateway to all their other sites.

Javascript/DHTML code resource.

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