Information about Slam Dunk, Shoyo, Gakusha system and posts, profiles, and technical information.

Character Thesis
Basic profiles for Fujima Kenji and Hanagata Touru. Followed by indepth character analysis, hypotheses, relationship extrapolation, and personal views.

Multimedia Department
Official media - gallery, scans, doujinshi scans, and other media items if available.

Fanfiction and other works of a written persuasion that can be thus categorised.

Visual Portfolio
Fanart, doujinshi, and other works of a visual persuasion that can be thus categorised.

Miscellaneous items pertaining to FujiHana or any of its components not belonging to the above categories.

Related Departments
Links to other related [FujiHana | Slam Dunk | etc.] sites.

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