Convolvulaceae | The Institute of FujiHana is a site dedicated to the pairing Fujima Kenji x Hanagata Touru from the animanga series Slam Dunk, by Inoue Takehiko-sensei. The site is maintained by Djinn, officially recognised by the SDBC as The FujiHana no Gakusha, or the FujiHana no Miko. For explanations of the above, please refer to the sections below.

Please do note that, as the characters featured in this pairing are both male, there will be much shounen ai | yaoi within these pages, also known as m/m homosexual relationships. If homosexuality is not your cup of tea, it will be in your best interests to leave now. I do apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your consideration.

Please also now note that the views represented on this site are personal, and not to be mistaken as invasive or aggressive. If you happen to be a HanaFuji fan, etc., dead set against FujiHana, please remember that I'm just trying to carve out my own little slice of heaven. I respect your views and will not try to intrude. Please do the same and refrain from flaming me. ^.^;;

Background Information
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Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk is a 30-volume manga series by Inoue Takehiko, and later a 101-episode anime series, following the plot and even individual frames of the manga closely [though only through half the series]. It is a basketball series chronicling the exploits of one Sakuragi Hanamichi, who joins the Shohoku High School Basketball Club, which is intent upon making the Kanagawa Finals, a intra-prefecture high school basketball tournament that will lead into a national high school basketball tournament. In this tournament, the Shohoku Basketball Club is pitted against many other high schools, notably Ryonan, Kainan, and Shoyo from Kanagawa. The series is notable not only for its intense, seat-gripping basketball action, but also for its deep characterisation, relationship dynamics, and its humour amidst its emotion. Also, Slam Dunk is prime hunting ground for yaoi fans, which says something for the intricacies of male bonding.


Shoyo High School [翔陽高等学校] has one of the highest ranking basketball clubs in the Kanagawa Prefecture, coming in second only to the undefeated Kainandai Basketball Club in the previous Kanagawa finals. Its current basketball team is notable for their tall starting members - four of which are 190cm and above, and for their captain, who also doubles as their coach and manager. In the current Kanagawa finals, the Shoyo Basketball Club shockingly loses to the Shohoku Basketball Club, an unthinkable outcome. Highlight to read spoiler.

Seme-Uke Dynamics

In case of confusion. The term ‘seme’ and ‘uke’ are meant to denote the roles of the characters in a pairing. For example, with the characters ‘alpha’ and ‘beta’, if ‘alpha’ is the dominant one, the order would be written : ‘alpha’x’beta’, or shortened to ‘alpbe’, etc. Here at the Institute, the seme-uke system subscribed to is the traditional Japanese system, where the ‘seme’ is the ‘attacker’, and the ‘uke’ is the ‘receiver’, a system that also stands where sexual intercourse is concerned. Thus, when we say ‘FujiHana’, we mean FujiHana, with Fujima being the seme and Hanagata being the uke - Fujima x Hanagata, and this is not to be confused with, nor is it interchangeable with the very different ‘HanaFuji’, a concept not entertained within this discipline.

Technical Information

About this site+disclaimer
This site is a labour of love, and I mean it. Largely a one-man operation [Djinn. ^^;;], with some help from my darling imouto, who's also my deshi. :] Slam Dunk and all its characters and trademarks are © to Inoue Takehiko and I.T. Planning. Inc. Otherwise, all content within these pages are ©2002/3 Djinn, unless otherwise stated.
What’s in a name...
A quick explanation of Convolvulaceae : The kanji [characters] of FujiHana mean, respectively, ‘vine’ and ‘flower’. Fujihana does indeed mean vineflower, as many Japanese pages full of assorted botanical pics will attest to. Convolvulaceae is the family name of plants bearing vineflowers. Tada! The Institute of FujiHana! [Yes. It's just like Djinn to choose a name only a select group of botanists would understand/be able to pronounce/remember, and kick herself over it afterwards.]
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